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Review of Richest Man in Babylon, Learn the Secrets of Rich and the Laws of Wealth Building Part Two of Three

After the rich money lender became Arkad's mentor, he worked hard, resisted the temptation of spending and paid himself 10% of all his earnings. Then he gave his saved money to a bricker to buy jewelry from overseas so he could sell these for higher price in Babylon. A year later, when the rich money lender came to the shop he inquired about Arkad's progress. Arkad told him the story, but his mentor said to him his savings would be gone.

Arkad was told that he should not trust the knowledge of a brick maker about jewels, but instead should have gone to a jewelry merchant. You must invest your money with someone who is competent and experienced in their field in order to make your money multiply. It happened exactly as the rich money lender said, the brick maker was sold colored glass instead of jewels and Arkad lost all his savings. However he did not give up, as his mentor had taught, he planted another wealth seed.

When the rich money lender returned a year later, Arkad w…