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"Britain in the Eyes of a Chinese " by Shannon Pentony 《中国人眼中的英国》咸艳华

   Shanghai Aug 2019, 上海外滩 2019年8月

I am planning to publisher my first book a non-fiction , "Britain in the Eyes of a Chinese " by Shannon Pentony in Autumn 2020.

It’s about the comparison between China and the UK; the two very different cultures, lifestyles, histories, social, economic and political systems. I am also writing about the British royal family; their survival secrets, historical love stories, romance, and tragedies. It also includes the growing influence of rising China and the bigotry from the West. 
My unique views and analysis are by standing on the edge of the coin that enables me to see the both sides of the coin, which is coming from my real-life experience. Please keep checking the blog for the future updates.
我计划在2020年的秋天出版我的第一本书籍,非小说《中国人眼中的英国》咸艳华著 ,请继续查看我的网站。