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Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chinese New Year! It's a Double Celebration for Love and the Year of Tiger 2010

Today is 14 February 2010, a Valentines day and also the Chinese New Year, another way to say is Spring Festival (春节).  A bunch of beautiful red roses is the perfect gift for a woman on Valentines day. Red roses are a symbol of love and that's why receiving these roses on this special day makes a woman feel so special.

Love is the most powerful and positive human emotion and it deserves to have a special day for celebration.
Roses and peonies are my favourite flowers and I have plenty of them in my back garden. During the summer time, it's absolutely beautiful. They are various in colours, styles fragrances and I just love them so much. It's winter time now and I have no flowers blossoming in my back garden so these gorgeous roses make me feel even more loved, happy and cheerful.

Today is also the Chinese New Year, the most important festival to Chinese and Koreans. According to the Chinese lunar horoscope, this year is the year of the tiger. People born in this year are b…