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Top Gardening Tips2, Learn How to Do Flower, Lawn & Plant Gardening to Maintain A Blossoming Garden

Continued from part one
2. Feed Plant Food : give plant food once in every one or two weeks from spring to summer,; this is very important. Flowers are like humans, they need nutrition to grow and produce buds during the flowering season. If you do this they tend to flower longer, bigger with more flowers and that helps keep your garden more colourful. I use Miracle-Gro LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food from B&Q and the results are very good. Please make sure that you feed different plant the right food, for example - acid lovers such as Hydrangea.

3. Spray: If the leaves become yellow and full of holes, you need to buy some spray to kill the bugs and other insects. Yellow bugs loves lilies and they love to make lots of holes on your lily's leaves.

4.I use various treatments to kill slugs, snails and ants: Sprinkle some slug pellets or ant-killing tablets or power around your plant to keep them away from your flowers and plants. Slugs especially like Dahlia type plants and ants…

Top Gardening Tips1, Learn How to Grow & Maintain A Beautiful, Healthy & Long Lasting Rose Garden

When I was born I was an ugly duckling, my mother wished for me to grow up and become a beautiful swan and therefore gave me a name called Yanhua. I have both Chinese and Korean connections and in both languages this name means beautiful flower. When I first came to Ireland and the UK, lots of people were curious to know the meaning of my name. This name is difficult to pronounce and remember for most westerners, so they call me by my English name - Shannon.

I may have grown up to be a beautiful swan (Sorry, for not being modest!) compared to an ugly duck, however, maybe because of my name, Yanhua, I have fallen in love with flowers and I feel that I have a special connection with flowers. Whether they are indoor plants in my house or in the front and back gardens, they tend to do very well. Of course the main reason is that I pay special attention and care to them and I feel they can feel it too. As a reward, my flowers tend to blossom longer, are bigger with more flowers and are h…

A Fun Day at the Blackwater Country Show in Essex

It was on Sunday, 14 June 2009, the Blackwater Country Show in Essex was held not too far away from where I live. It was a warm, sunny early summer's day; my husband and I were eager to go out to get some fresh air. So it was the perfect event for us to enjoy the weekend.

When we drove there, there were already thousands of people enjoying the show. The fair is an annual charitable event to raise money to support Essex Air Ambulance and therefore the cost of the tickets and a percentage of anything bought within the event is then contributed to our local Air Ambulance service.

There were 26 events and shows as well as many stands of local people who were selling home made stuff. There is a big lake within the venue and people were enjoying some sailing and taking steam boat trips . There was a stall selling roast hog in a bun, sheepdog display, Newfoundland dog demo, Olde English Battle re-enactment, Falconry Demonstrations, Clydesdales horses and much more. The sheepdogs were…