Review of Midas Touch by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki

I read this book eight years ago in 2011, when Donald Trump was not the president of the United States, but a successful billionaire business man.

So far, I have bought many of Robert Kiyosaki's books and I have great respect for him, however, I have found that many parts of his latest books are the repeat of his earlier books. It seems he has run out of new ideas and in this book he also repeated many of his cash flow quadrants and BI triangle stuff.

Individually, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki are both good writers, but when they come together to work on a same book, the result is not great. The good news is that I still have learnt some new things from this book.

The Midas Touch Five Fingers Represent:

The Thumb: Strength of Character, ability to turning bad luck into good luck.

The Index Finger: F.O.C.U.S, focus on what is really important and what you really want.

The Middle Finger: Establish a strong brand. A product or service without a strong brand is a commodity.

The Ring Finger: Relationships, every business is a people business; you need great partners, you should be a great leader to inspire your employees and need to be responsible for your customers.

The Little Finger: Little Things That Count. There are huge difference between little things that count and thinking small.

With Midas Touch you can turn your small business into a large B quadrant business.


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